Hello there, this is Tewifying! I’m the main updater here at Apotropaic Metempsychosis, a Touhou vocal translation blog, but all the work you see has gone through Akyuun one way or another, mainly in his capacity as proofreader (i.e. catching my stupid mistakes and senseless translations) and sometimes as co-translator.

I was introduced to Touhou by Akyuun at least four years back, and we have been fans together since. Collectively, we have a few years of Japanese study (both formal and self-taught) under our belts, which sounds more impressive than it actually is – I took three semesters of the language and am just short of JLPT4, while Akyuun is entirely (but very thoroughly) self-taught. Translating song lyrics can be an exercise in frustration, but it has been a fun, and dare I say, educational ride so far!

All translated lyrics have been done to the best of our ability, but if you spot an error,  mistranslation, or even simply have a better way of putting things, we would love to know.

If you use our work, please do credit us the translation! There’s nothing we can do if you don’t, but it’s often hours of work for a single song’s translation, so we would appreciate a mention or a link back to the blog.

Thank you for visiting!


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